I lived in an orphanage, with an aunt and uncle, and I am a survivor of Domestic Violence, a survivor of child molestation and lived in foster homes so I know what it feels like to be one of the forgotten children.

My philosophy is “Don’t Let The World Take Your Smile Away.”  I want these children to know they aren’t forgotten and I want to put a smile on their faces.

If you purchase the paperback version of THE CHILL TURNED WARM POEMS BY BONNIE GAIL CARTER I will be donating most of the money towards that goal. I can’t give you an exact amount because I don’t know how much will go towards taxes the purchase of products and shipping and handling fees. I will disclose the details as they become available to me.

Help me put a smile on their faces.

God Bless and protect,

Bonnie Gail Carter


your (character’s) state.

From Erin Brown Conroy’s Blog for Entrepreneurs and Creatives

Focus, Create, Repeat -- With Author, Writer, & Speaker Erin M. Brown, MA, MFA

Well. I’m letting you (and me) off the hook.
This isn’t about our personal character. (You know, the interior part of us, the part where integrity sits.)

And I’m not going to ask you where you’re from — your physical geography — the point on the map where you lay your head at night (as in the state of Michigan, where I live in the US, called “the mitten state” because it looks like a mitten).
MichiganThis is about your story — your characters in that story.
Their personal, emotional states.
As in how we feel at any given moment.

Oh — and if you’re not a writer — keep reading, because
there’s something important here…
(it all makes sense when you read to the end).

There’s a not-so-secret secret to help you create compelling characters (and a compelling plot line, too).

(You ready?)

State doesn’t come from outside influences
(what people say or…

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