This Blog Was Used As A Bad Example In A Youtube Video. I Said Thank You For The Advice And Moved.

I have a youtube channel where I promote Donnie Townsend Music. Donnie was my companion and best friend.
I’m going to continue to promote his music to keep his memory alive.
Sometimes it’s comforting to hear his voice but a lot of the time it makes a river of tears flow.
He passed away on June 12, 2015. Check out his music because I could really use the help.
Donnie was a wonderful person with great compassion and empathy for others.
What was so amazing about him was that he never wrote a word of lyrics down on paper or his computer.
He would just start playing his electric acoustic guitar and he would come up with a song in the moment.
His music is at
Donnie never got any recognition for his talent but he loved God so much so I know he’s singing in God’s choir now.
Check out his songs like Heaven, Praying Hands, The Cross, The Trumpets Will Blow, and any number of songs on youtube.
Well, I have tried very hard to improve my blog site. I have a better understanding of how to do it now.
I have moved to
Donnie read two poems in my book and wrote a song called “Little Girl in the Orphanage.”
The poems I wrote and living in an orphanage and foster homes is a true story about my childhood and until I was 18.
I would love to hear from you all again because I could use some cheering up because all I do is cry a river.
Donnie was so very special. He was 65 and still had an innocent quality in him. He believed what people said even when it wasn’t true.
Because of that he got hurt deep in his heart and the pain manifested itself into three heart attacks, a mini stroke, and congestive heart failure.
He kissed me goodbye at 8 p.m. and he passed away at 10:30 that evening. I feel so bad because I didn’t tell him I loved him when he left.
I would give my life to have been there to tell him “I Love You” one last time.
I need some prayer warriors to pray for me because I have lost the will to live. I haven’t been eating anything for days at a time.
It’s not the kind of diet I would recommend although I was over weight.
Donnie was a very handsome man for his age and he loved me in spite of all of my flaws. He deserved somebody prettier, with a better figure, and in better health.
It was the only three years of my life that I truly knew what it felt like to be loved and to love someone so deeply I want to die.
I had prayed so hard to be the first one to die out of any of my family or before anyone I loved died. I keep asking God to take me to Donnie.
It’s not right to question God but I still keep asking Why?
Please pray for me.
Thank you.
Bonnie Gail Carter