I lived in an orphanage, with an aunt and uncle, and I am a survivor of Domestic Violence, a survivor of child molestation and lived in foster homes so I know what it feels like to be one of the forgotten children.

My philosophy is “Don’t Let The World Take Your Smile Away.”  I want these children to know they aren’t forgotten and I want to put a smile on their faces.

If you purchase the paperback version of THE CHILL TURNED WARM POEMS BY BONNIE GAIL CARTER I will be donating most of the money towards that goal. I can’t give you an exact amount because I don’t know how much will go towards taxes the purchase of products and shipping and handling fees. I will disclose the details as they become available to me.

Help me put a smile on their faces.

God Bless and protect,

Bonnie Gail Carter



  1. I just ordered your book. I’ll let you know what I think about it.

    • I hope you like it and give me a review on amazon.com

    • Hi Timothy,
      I haven’t heard from you for a while. I hope all is well with you.
      Bonnie Gail Carter

      • Timothy Price says:

        Hi Bonnie Gail. I’ve been busy with large projects at work and trying to keep up with the property, photography and all that. I’ve gotten all involved reading novels by Arnaldur Indridason, and haven’t started on your book yet. Your book is next on the list. I haven’t forgotten about you, and Amazon is very persistent about reminding me to rate and write a review on your book.

      • I love taking photos and seeing photographer’s work. I’m grieving the loss of my companion and best friend. My grief is so deep in my soul. I don’t think I can recover from it. I’ve asked everyone for prayer.
        I’m so sorry that amazon is bothering you.
        Thank you for purchasing the paperback to Help The Forgotten Children. I don’t think anyone else has purchased it. At least I know one person, meaning you, has a big heart so thank you Timothy.
        Bonnie Gail Carter

      • Timothy Price says:

        I read your last post, got distracted and hadn’t got back to it. S0 sorry to hear about you loss. Loss of a companion is so very difficult to deal with. I’ll be praying for you. I don’t mind Amazon bothering me. It reminds me that I need to read and rate various books I have. I think it’s great they send me reminders.

      • Thank you for the prayers. I need them badly. I have to move out of the house we shared because he didn’t have a will and his children get the house. They are undecided about keeping it or letting it go back to the bank. The bank told me three weeks ago I had to move out. Donnie’s son told me I could stay as long as I need to but his sister wants me out now. I had to get on a waiting list for government housing. With God’s help I will find a place to live before I become homeless so pray for my grief not to consume me and for housing. Thank you. Bonnie

      • Timothy Price says:

        This makes for a doubly difficult situation for you, and one reason that I believe couples should be able to have simple contracts that give the partners the same property rights as marriage.

  2. Donnie went to the bank and asked to put my name on the house too but she told him it would cost him 3 grand to re-finance it. What she didn’t tell him is that he could have gotten a quick claim deed that would have been a lot less money.
    I didn’t know about it either but my daughter lives in Illinois and works as a paralegal for a criminal defense attorney. She told me about it after it was to late.
    I called the bank and left her a message asking why he wasn’t told about this but of course they don’t answer my phone calls.
    It was my bank account at the same bank that paid the mortgage payment every month.

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