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She Believes In Me by Singer/Songwriter Donnie Townsend

Donnie Townsend Music Videos are also on my youtube channel at Just click on videos. I hope you enjoy his music as much as I do. I promote Donnie’s music for free because after all he is my boyfriend. Donnie Townsend is amazing because he never writes lyrics on paper or on his computer. He just starts playing his guitar and he creates songs on the spot. Almost every music video he has made he did it in one take. That’s why I think he is amazing. Thank you and please leave a comment if you like his music.

Expression Of Love To My One And Only You

When I think about you

I think about a soft pillow to lay my head on.

I think of what sweet dreams are made of.

The sparkle in your eyes and your million dollar smile

gives me joy that can stretch for miles.

The journey we are sharing is so full of caring.

You even compliment me on what I’m wearing.

When you are happy you shine as bright as a star.

The glow from your face radiates.

You have the greatest character traits.

You have a gentle and tender heart.

God has been with you since the start.

Your music touches my soul because you tell stories that need to be told.

My love for you will never grow old.

Each day I get to spend with you is a gift from above.

I get so much delight from our love.

Bonnie Gail Carter



That Final Tear

That Final Tear


A soft rap a tap tap of silver rain
cascading from a charcoal sky
keeping time with the sorrow of
the tears rolling from your eyes

Lay your head on my shoulder
I’ll hold you til the morning light
maybe dawn will find your smile
but now it’s okay to cry tonight

The death of love is never kind
and you’ve lost something dear
yet worry not I’ll hold you close
until you’ve cried that final tear