Even though we didn’t grow up together

we remained sisters forever.

Our bond they couldn’t break.

Our spirits remained great.

Being sisters they couldn’t take.

God watched over us for our own sake.

Our guardian angels knew what was at stake.

Even though we had to wait

our bond they couldn’t break.

We didn’t grow up filled with hate.

Sisters we did make

filled with love until this date.

Our bond they couldn’t break.

By Bonnie Gail Carter



I’m not lying.

When I’m dying

loving you will be

flashing through my mind.

All of our time together

will be of utmost importance ever.

All of my memories will spill over

like a flood gate.

Knowing what’s at stake

I wouldn’t change it.

Our love will be for all time.

Don’t worry, it’ll all be fine.

My heart I leave behind.

By Bonnie Gail Carter


My hair is turning gray

yet still I have to say

I’ll love you, always.

All of the nights I’ve danced with you,

in my eyes you’ll see that it’s true.

You are everywhere

and even in my dreams I’ll see you there.

We’ve never been seperated

because I would be devastated.

I promise you I will always stay.

Never will I keep you at bay.

You’re my life for all of my days.

By Bonnie Gail Carter



Like a Leopard I jumped on him.

Then I showed him my teeth and told him “you’ll be for dinner.”

My claws are to shred you to pieces.

Leave my family alone or I won’t let you out of my sight.

There will be no stopping me in the daylight.

Take heed and watch for me in the still of the night.

Leave my family alone or I’ll bite you with all of my might.

No one can catch me in the darkness of night.

You’ll be stalked all the days of your life.

Like a leopard I jumped on him.

Then I showed him my teeth and said ”you’ll beĀ forĀ dinner.”

My claws are for shredding you to pieces.

Don’t mess with my species.

By Bonnie Gail Carter


Place your hate in the pantry on the shelf.

Label it “memories of years gone by” and store it.

Remove the wine saved by time.

Dust the bottle until it looks new.

The color is brighter and the taste was worth the wait.

The bitter was replaced by a taste to savor.

On the shelf you will find the love stored all this time.

Label the empty space “filled with happiness.”

Close the door.

The chill turned warm.

By Bonnie Gail Carter




She felt rejected, unloved, and unwanted.

She feels like she is being punished for something.

She wants her family back more than living.

The fantasy of her family being together again is her only happiness.

She cries and prays to her God a lot.

For three long years she clung to the fence.

While serving her time her only crime was lonliness.

No one cared enough to parole her from the orphanage.

She still feels the presence of the fence as an adult.

Her hands cling to the fence within.

Just like then no one hears her cries.

There is no key to the gate.

By Bonnie Gail Carter