Happy ever after #poem

Happy Ever After by Barry Mowles

Poetry by Barry Mowles

Happy Ever After #poem

Someone once told me “Life is a story book, some chapters will be full of sadness, whilst others will be filled with fun, joy and laughter”;
But when my Nan left us i remember thinking life is to cruel for there to be such a thing as Happy Ever After….

I spent so many nights hiding in the darkness using my tears to write, as pieces of paper become pillows and the floor became my bed;
Some people can see their Nan everyday, but for me i have to write her this letter instead

Nan, I never wanted to leave your side, but you went to the one place that i simply couldnt follow;
I spent so many years looking back on yesterday i always forgot to think about tomorrow

Maybe before we were born we were all angels, and when you left us you were…

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