List of Free and Paid Traffic Tips

This is one of the most asked questions when it comes to any type of Startup Company or newly founded website. Of course, the more money you spend the more traffic you’re going to get. However, that isn’t always the case when starting out. I’ve listed amazing traffic sources you can use for free along with paid. Don’t forget quality and not quantity. So make unique accounts and reach out to users instead of just spamming links in hope to generate traffic. Remember think long term instead of short term. Spamming will only hurt you in the long run.

Note: This is from experience with SaaS application type products and results may vary. My next post will be for iOS and Android type traffic tips.

Now let’s get started!

Focus on startup type networks first since you will generate early adopter quality leads instead of chasing after them on major sites. For example, Papaly you’re able to generate traffic from Google and relevant niche profiles. Another example, Ello you can reach out to users easier since everyone initially is an early adopter on the site. I’m only listing quality sites that will generate you traffic. Of course there are hundreds of social sites but these are the quality sites that give results long-term and short-term.

Social Bookmarking: List is in order from Traffic:Conversion Ratio

Product Hunt |

Hacker News |

Papaly |

Reddit Sub-Reddits |

Designer News |

Pinterest |

Scoop it |  

Delicious |

Diigo |

Social Media: List is in order from Traffic:Conversion Ratio

Ello |

Facebook |


Twitter |

Google+ |


Tsu |

Aboutme |

Video Websites: List is in order from Traffic:Conversion Ratio

Youtube |

Twitch |

Dailymotion |  

Question & Answer: List is in order from Traffic:Conversion Ratio

Quora |

Yahoo! |

Application & Site: List is in order from Traffic:Conversion Ratio

AlternativeTo |

Freeware Genius |


Browser Extensions: List is in order from Traffic:Conversion Ratio

Chrome |

Firefox |

Safari |

Opera |

Paid Advertisements

Pinterest Ads |

Facebook |

Google Adwords |

Bing Ads |

Solo Ads |

Linkedin | 

Twitter |

Overall, free traffic can bring you amazing traffic especially if your company goes viral. I would however stay away from Facebook likes and strictly promote post engagements. For those that are interested in why I brought up paid Facebook likes can view the video here. Also, jump onto Pinterest ads as soon as you can because it will become public and cost more per click. All the sites listed have been used from personal experience and pictures are results from it.

Enjoy your long and short-term traffic along with quality links aiming back to your site! You will see a major boost inside the search engines. First it will mainly be long tail keywords but as the months go on you will be ranking for high competition keywords. Good luck on your success!