I Have A New Blog

Hi everyone,

I am currently using https://www.bonniegailcarter777.wordpress.com/

Unfortunately I am going to have to move again because it said it would take videos but it doesn’t.

I need a site that accepts videos because I promote Donnie Townsend Music for free.

Thank you for following me and I hope to hear from you soon.


Visit New Blog at https://bonniegailcarter1.wordpress.com/

I am going to be switching from http://www.bonniegcarter.wordpress.com/ to


Thank you for following me here at bonniegcarter and I hope you will continue to follow me at

https://bonniegailcarter1.wordpress.com/ and my current blog at https://bonniegailcarter777.wordpress.com/

I will have to change sites again because this theme will not let me put Donnie Townsend’s Music Videos on here.

Best wishes for continued success to all of you,

Bonnie Gail Carter