The Fearless Photographer Chases The Storm…An The End Result, Thrilling Photos

This Fearless Photographer Chases The Storm… And The End Result, Thrilling Photos. ( Part 1 of 5 )

Priyal Matreja   Storyteller

Born to a Native American father and an African American mother, Camille Seaman studied photography at the State University of New York. Famous photographers like Jan Groover were studying there along with her.

Camille Seaman’s pictures have been published in National Geographic Magazine, Newsweek, Outside, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, etc. She lives in Emeryville, California and travels the world to capture some of the greatest moments. She loves to work in a fine art tradition and has concentrated well on the environments of Polar regions for photography.

She loves chasing and capturing pictures of storms. Almost all of her clicks are exceptionally stunning. She has chased storms in US from Iowa to Wyoming and from Minnesota to Texas. The notorious hotspots for storms; Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota are her favorite places to chase them.

Trust me, you will instantly fall in love with her skills and talent!

Photography is a skill and it is always pleasing to have a look at great works. For more stories on photography, make sure you follow us on Twitter.

Source: Camille Seaman

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