Poetry brimming with honesty December 9, 2014
By Nicholas C. Rossis
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
First, a confession: I’m hardly a poetry expert. However, I do know honesty in writing, and that’s what I’m looking for in poetry.

Life has obviously thrown a lot at Carter. Instead of breaking her, this has allowed her to grow into a fascinating, strong person, brimming with energy. Even when she suffers -and a lot of her poems come from suffering – there’s a core of optimism and faith that shines through. It’s like her poems stick the tongue out at pain and adversity.

For that alone, I feel this collection richly deserves five stars. However, there’s also another aspect that make them particularly endearing to me: Carter has somehow avoided the temptation of sentimentality. Her poems have a matter-of-fact quality that adds to their charm, reinforcing the overall feeling of honesty.

Thank you Nicholas C. Rossis for a great review
Bonnie Gail Carter

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