Setting up an Author Platform

Setting up an Author Platform by Nicholas C. Rossis

Nicholas C. Rossis

Writing a book is hard enough, but marketing it can rapidly become a daunting task.  After months of searching, trying, failing and learning new tips, I discovered that any author, self published or traditionally published, should create an author platform where they promote their books across different media and through various channels.

Brooke Warner has posted a beautiful pie chart of what an author platform is made of on The Write Life.  The post examines what an editor is looking for in an author platform, in order to take them on.  In other words, what mix is deemed successful by editors.  However, I believe that the points she makes are valid for self-published authors, too; it’s just that in our case, we are not trying to impress an editor, but rather the general public.

So, what is the right mix for an author platform?

Pie chart from Pie chart from

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