You Need One Thousand No’s to Get a Yes

You Need One Thousand No’s to get a Yes by Rise Above

Adriana Ospina

If you’re going to be great, get some thick skin. Be so committed to your dream that the doubt waivers in it’s resolve.

Cynicism and judgment are in no short supply, creative, risk takers are an endangered species.

Save your tears for your dream. Don’t waste them on a no.


Idlers will always be jealous of the swiftest ones among us. They have all the time in the world to do just that – tempt and shadow the light.They don’t like the soulful stretch. Homeostasis is all that is and will ever be for them and we’re talking about a journey they’re not ready to take.

Count the No’s because the Yeses are soon to follow.

Like a levy breaking from the strain of the powerful waters so too do these blockages crumble before such truth of destiny.

Your dream is too bold to be quiet.

Banksy - Umbrella Girl Banksy – Umbrella Girl

No should…

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One thought on “You Need One Thousand No’s to Get a Yes

  1. pandorasaltereg0 says:

    Yes. Loved this. Love x

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