Exercise For Free! For Everyone!

Exercise for Free! For Everyone!

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This post aims at those of us who DON’T get enough exercise. I offer good news! Everyone’s chancewelcome, as always…

My Master’s work, published in 2004,* explored geriatric exercise promotion: costs and benefits, motivation factors, and tips for clinicians.  My advice below applies to all ages.

Americans tend to sort themselves into two groups:

1) Exercisers: We commit lots of time and energy, make a lifestyle of it, post about it on Facebook. You know us, we’re those folks in the commercials.

2) Inactives: We know “we should” but don’t, for whatever reasons. If you’re not in the élite, exercising all the time, fit, thin, and loving to sweat, you don’t exercise. You’re not “that kind of person.”

It’s a very costly mistake. Such all or nothing thinking rarely works out well. It’s completely inaccurate, and leaves people feeling intimidated and unable to make the huge leap they see between them and…

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3 thoughts on “Exercise For Free! For Everyone!

  1. I read just of some research today suggesting that some of the health benefits of being in nature also accrue from looking at nature picx or videos. Your nice work brought it to mind.

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