to be we the rain

Thank you for the beautiful poetry. “Let us be the rain.”
Motto: Life as a raindrop.
I love it. Bravo Valeriu.

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

motto: life as a raindrop

without applause that you exist?

without that you rise your love higher than the one you love?

without pride of to be … someone with importance?

today at dawn I was on the streets
I heard creaking of Earth’s…in the his path among the stars
I heard the rustling by stars
Earth’s crust soaked with dew… smelled like eternity
somewhere on above, returned humble and crippled, the prayers unfulfilled
the filter of dawns reveal a new world, just born
which means that … one prayer was accepted there upward
one be… of the one who suffered without regretfully… wound world …

nothing must longer be saved, throw your fears, the values remain the same
gold buried, even in escremente, all gold will remain
as well our soul, too hidden between intentions and hesitations
just life as a raindrop would cure the drought of…

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