Poetry from Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo Blog

The pen paints the souls longing
In jewel tones.
The darkness veils the stars,
Yet their Light shines unseen,
But not unfelt
An ember of gold
In the shadows.
Now you remind us
To count all our blessings,
Holding them dear
For the little while.
You remind us too
That chivalry survives,
And the courage to laugh
In the face of tragedy.
Then you remind us
That friendship is precious
A gift to be cherished
And never lost.
I am reminded
That life has its purpose
And our purpose in life
Is to Live it.

6 thoughts on “Poetry from Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo Blog

  1. Sue Vincent says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed this poem.. there is a long story of courage behind it, of an old friend whose personal mountains were climbed with both dignity and gallantry.

  2. Sue Vincent says:

    Thank you, Bonnie. I do my best… and there are tales of mountains and gallantry, from my own son. There are a lot of those on the blog following thee attack five years ago when he was stabbed through the brain. That story I can tell.

  3. How and why did such a terrible incident happen to your son. That would be devastating. Did he recover from it? I certainly hope so.
    Please do tell me the story about how such a tragic event affected your life as well.
    My heartfelt prayers are with you.

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