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Greetings, my Simian Friends!  I’m so grateful to Chris Graham and the good folks at The Story Reading Ape for granting me an opportunity to introduce myself – and much more importantly, an opportunity to unveil my devilish new theo-thriller, The Second Coming: A Love Story.

But I must caution you: It’s not for everyone.


Courting controversy of Biblical proportions, The Second Coming: A Love Story is the groundbreaking “thought-experiment” that dares to ask: How well do YOU know God?

And how well do you know evil?

Two men claim to be the Second Coming of Christ.  Each claims the other is Satan in disguise.  But only one is telling the truth, and the reader isn’t explicitly told who’s who.

The United States soon splits along ideological lines, with Red America swearing allegiance to the conservative “savior” and Blue America (naturally) worshiping at the altar of the other. …

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